Mindjet MindManager And NovaMind for Mac Reviews

Mindjet MindManager for Mac Review

Among other Mac mind mapping software, Mindjet MindManager is one of professional mind mapping software on the market today. Mindjet MindManager provides solution for personal, business, education to create, organize and present ideas mapping, concept visualization, project plan, business concept, work process flow and so on.

The program has Microsoft Office integration feature which allow you to import Outlook, Word, and Project files as well as export to Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Project and Visio. Not only for Mac operating system, but MindManager is also available for Windows users. There are several add-ons available to add more power to the software packages such as Mindjet Connect is a Web-based collaboration add-in for MindManager for Windows that promotes teamwork.

Mindjet MindManager 30-day free trial is available to download and try. To download free trial version from its official website, you need to create an account. Membership is free and registration. As a member, you will have access to trial downloads and special community areas.

NovaMind for Mac Review

Within Mac mind mapping software topic, NovaMind is one of popular mind mapping software on the market by NMS Global. It provides mind mapping solution for student, personal and business users. The software is designed into several packages includes NovaMind Express, NovaMind Pro and NovaMind Platinum. The program is available for both Windows and Mac users.

NovaMind Express is for schools, primary school pupils and beginning mind mappers.

NovaMind Pro is designed for advanced mind mappers, senior school and university students, coaches, and for general business use.

NovaMind Platinum provides completed features. It is mind mapping tool for screenwriter, project planner, business consultant and serious business people.

The main different between these packages is about features which contains in each package. You can see in more detail on NovaMind Comparison Chart at its official website. NovaMind 30 day free trial is available to download and try. To download free trial version from its official website, you have to fill out the form with your first name, last name and email address.