MatchWare MindView And XMind Pro for Mac Reviews

MatchWare MindView for Mac Review

Professional mind mapping software for Mac platform, MatchWare MindView is one of them. MatchWare MindView formerly known as OpenMind is a professional Mind Mapping software by MatchWare Company. This mind mapping software provides solution for personal, business and education, the capability to create, organize as well as present ideas and concepts visually. With MatchWare MindView, you can use it for various tasks including taking notes, organizing ideas, planning reports and proposals, task management, time management, problem solving, meeting agendas, brainstorm sessions, presentations and so on. The software is rich of clip arts, icons, and mind map layouts which allow you to create great look mapping.

MatchWare MindView is mind mapping software for Mac and Windows users. MindView free trial is available to download and try. To download free trial version from its official website, you need to fill out the form with your first name, last name, email address and few more. After completing requested form, you will receive email which contains trial download link from MatchWare.

XMind Pro for Mac Review

XMind Pro is a pro version mind mapping software by XMind Ltd. Among mind mapping software for Mac, XMind Pro is professional concept mapping software for personal and business users. It has rich features than XMind Free version. The software is cross platform mind mapping software and available for three main operating systems include Windows, Linux and Mac. XMind Pro allows you to make variety of mapping like fishbone chart, flow chart, organization chart, and project management and other mind mapping from templates or new one.

XMind Pro includes hundreds of high-quality images, TaskInfo feature to view where users can define specific task elements within a map, Map Merge allow you to merge separate maps into a single map, export maps into a variety of file formats such as Ms Word, PowerPoint, PDF and RTF, you can set a password to your XMind file. You can see in more detail about different between XMind Pro and XMind Free version on Features Comparison Chart at its official website. XMind Pro trial version is available to download.

XMind Pro is also available as portable version where you can install it on your USB drive, and used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux 32-bit/64 bit. The flexible thing is that you can take it with you wherever you go.