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Sport and Wellness

http://nebula.wsimg.com/70c4ac13604df2727ec1b63c26a376c4?AccessKeyId=EF5931539F130824A159&disposition=0&alloworigin=1Many years ago civilisations use to enjoy sports as a fun hobby. It was harder for populations to access transportation, technology and food which created naturally active individuals. Today, Cars, Internet and fast food have build a lazy western society. People who have immigred to north americans countries have opted for bad and unhealthy habits. How do sports and wellness affect our lifestyles, how does ADAM raise awarness of health in the black community, who can lead a campagn for a healthy community, and how can obsticals be overcome?

First of all, being active has become a trend in order to avoid illness and obesity especially in the black commununity. The Canadian Journal Association published an article on how Black or African decent people have the higest rate of diabeties type 2 in Canada. Our community needs to exercises and eat well in order to decrease obesity and high blood pressure, both of which are related to health problems like diabestes type 2.

Second we must understand that those issues are a hard topic for our community, because culturally black people like food and view exersing as an expensive task. ADAM has put in place a fitness and nutrition program that is accessible to everyone in the communauty, regardless of your background. I have been working with ADAM as their fitness professional for the last past 6 months and so far it has been a great experience. We have encouraged seniors, children and women to be more active by implenting an aerobic group fitness dance, a weekly follow up on nutrition and a monthly educational workshop on various health related issues.

Last, everyone has to be motivated to take care of themself. The ressources are out there but true motivation has to come from each induvidual. My personal experience with ADAM and The Fitness African Women Group (aka The Warriors) shows me that no one has excuses to be unhealthy. Those women work long hours and have children to take care of but they also understand that in order to be good Moms and bring money home they need to be healthy. I train those women twice a week, I push them mentally to give me their best out of each fitness session and that motivates them to keep on track with their nutrition at home. This is how we do it! Simple right?