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Workshops and Conversation on Marriage and Families



Registration is now open for a series of 5 weekly workshops and conversation on Marriage and Families

African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM) in partnership with Builders of Strong Families and Marriages (BOSFAM) is offering a series of 5 weekly workshops and conversation on Marriage and Families.

The workshop is free.     


Must register before 16 May, 2017. 

Contact: 902-404-3670 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Healthy Relationships are the key to success and happiness in life.

Do you want to keep the Spark in your Marriage and Family?

Then these Conversation workshops will be great for you.

The following topics will be covered.

May 18

How to keep your marriage alive and spicy.

The nature of love

Explore things to keep your marriage strong

May 25


 Active listening

Assertiveness in getting your message across

June 1      

Conflict Management

Some common causes of conflict

Steps in resolving Conflict

Forgiveness and apology

June 8


Challenges faced by parents raising kids

Tips for effective parenting

How to handle active children

June 15

Balancing your life

Roles and relationships

Work life balance

Connecting with your community

Religion and Spirituality