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The United African Canadian Women’s Association of Nova Scotia (UACWA) was formed in May 1996.
We are a group of African Canadian Women who are committed to improving the welfare
of our families. We are also committed to upholding and celebrating our African culture and heritage within the Canadian context.

The primary goal of our association is to determine and respond to needs and issues that
African-Canadian Women and their families encounter in areas of:
- Education,
- Employment,
- Cross Cultural understanding and Human Rights

Provide support for members and their families through: opportunities  for professional
growth in social, economic, psychological and spiritual development; programs that will meet our family and community needs in education, professional development, across cultural
understanding and self empowerment; Formulating strategies for dealing with different issues that affect African Canadian women and their families

Act as a voice for African Canadian Women in correcting misrepresentations about our culture as they impact on us by
Working with other existing organizations to promote cross-cultural understanding and enrichment through cultural education programs;
Designing cultural enrichment programs to  enhance our children’s learning and development;

Welcome newly arriving women of African descent and their families to Nova Scotia and Canada, to facilitate and expedite their settlement process

Membership is open to individuals over the age of 19 residing in Canada, who uphold the
objectives of the Association, and contribute to the support of its programs and activities.
There are three categories of memberships:
- General Membership
- Honorary Membership
- Organizational Membership

- Children Cultural Enrichment
- Mentorship
- Community Outreach
- Direct Support (Crisis Management)
- Referrals