Free Mind Mapping Softwares

Free Mind Mapping Software Overview

The term Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping Software are the same. So you can call which one as you prefer whether mind mapping software or concept mapping software.

Since mind mapping software is mostly used in business activity, there are only few mind mapping software available for user to download and use for free of charge. Free mind mapping software we are talking here is not free trial version, it is absolute free of charge license. The following is the list of free mapping software that you can download and use for free of charge:

Free Mind Mapping Software Ratings from users

I encourage everyone (including you) who ever have experience of using free mind mapping software before, please share your experience and make it useful, helpful for other by doing the following rating.

Please Note: to make this rating more useful and helpful information, please rate only the software you ever experience, for the concept mapping program which you never use please do not rate it.

Software Name User Rating
XMind – Free Version 3 votes
FreeMind 15 votes
Visual Understanding Environment 6 votes
Cayra 4 votes

Professional Vs Free Mind Mapping Software

The following is comparison between professional and free mind mapping software. Check it:

Free Mind Mapping Software

  • User can get for free of charge
  • There only few mind mapping software available for free
  • Less features (especially clipart and icons)
  • Mapping looks not so professional compare to the professional mind mapping software
  • Do not get support and help from the company

Professional Mind Mapping Software

  • User needs to pay for license
  • There are many mind mapping software package available on the market
  • Rich of features such clipart, icons and more
  • Mapping looks more professional

Can get help and support from the company